Vijay Aitha

Managing Partner

Vijay manages processes that includes raising capital, assessing deals, managing portfolios, marketing and running the ground operations.

He is certified with Derivates trading and Portfolio management and uses his knowledge to self manage retirement and family portfolios. He also comes from a successful corporate background managing global consulting projects for over 22 years.

Vijay also holds a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. When he's not working, he loves traveling the world, is a photographer with multiple accolades from institutions like National Geographic, Smithsonian and Canon.

Anu Vijay

Managing Partner

Anu brings the vision together for AVA Capital Ventures, she has been always passionate about real estate and creates strategies that use various real estate asset classes to create a bullet proof, compounding portfolio. Apart from executing extremely successful real estate ventures overseas, she has over two decades of managing projects and teams in the corporate world.

Anu holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and is a resident in the Dallas area along with Vijay for over 20 years.